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Hemant Plastics & Chemicals Ltd (Hemant), are one of the leading manufacturers of flexible packaging materials and are catering to the requirements of multi-national companies (MNCs) as well as leading domestic manufacturers.
Commencing operations as a Small Scale Industry (SSI) unit in 1967, over the years Hemant have grown and have been supplying Plastic packaging bags to a variety of industries. Hemant's customers have been from Fertilizers, Food processing, Dairy, Battery (dry cell), Confectionery, and other industries. Hemant have also specialized in supplying to Forest department (Nursery, Canal Lining, Pond Lining) and Ammunition (Cordite) industry.
As the old adage goes, one is known by the company one keeps! Hemant's existing facilities are used by companies like Hindustan Lever Limited, Agrotec, Henkel Spic, Federal Express, TNT Couriers, Gujarat Tea Packagers & Processors (WaghBakri Tea) and many others.
In 1998, Hemant became the proud recipient of Hindustan Lever’s coveted “Star Supplier Scroll of Honor” award, awarded by HLL’s venerable Executive Director, K B Dadiseth.
By the flow of another four years, Hemant had achieved similar positions with the Tea kings of Gujarat, Gujarat Tea Processors & Packers (WaghBakri Tea), renowned MNC courier organizations like Federal Express and TNT, and Bhudalal Tobacco.

With steady growth and boasting a turnover in excess of Rs.380 million, Hemant can definitely claim to have arrived …!!

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